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Before we launch into a review of , let’s get a feel of this program and see why it is needed.

had first become popular with products like Amway and Tupperware where distributors were people you knew and marketing was easier. Now, can no longer expect to make an income by marketing to people they know and creating a contacts tree. Now “Attraction Marketing” is gaining popularity over MLM marketing as a means to make money.

What is Attraction Marketing?

The way of attracting people to your brand, products and services is called attraction marketing. It’s also called Reverse marketing, because in this system, marketers normally promote their business name first and then the product. Before introducing customers to the products we sell, it’s important to establish our brand name in their minds. This is where My Lead System Pro comes in.

About My Lead System Pro

MLSP was founded by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer in Aug 2008 to enable MLM distributors improve on their brand image. Previously called the MLM Lead System Pro, this program has been specially formulated for modern network marketers who have the power of .

How does My Lead System Pro Work

Every network marketer’s income is based on the number of leads he gets in his business. Since commission is just a percentage of the sales volume, distributors have to keep striving to improve their sales and team business volume. Through My Lead System Pro, you could capture a lot of leads by getting potential customers to visit your website.

How Does My Lead System Pro Differ from Other Lead Capture Systems

– While a lot of similar programs offer to help network marketers by multiplying their leads, MY Lead System Pro is a preferred system used by a lot of people because it can be customized to their style of marketing. This gives you the chance to build your brand name and make it recognizable to people who matter.
– Today’s distributors have the advantage of the wide spread reach of the internet for marketing his or her business. This benefit is fully utilized in the working of the MLSP for ongoing leads. With innovative marketing techniques like video marketing, social networking and writing articles, you business brand gains more exposure than when you try old techniques like cold calling and talking to friends for leads.
– This system can also be used for multiple marketing campaigns when you have more than one business. Other than this, members can get other network marketers to become affiliates to improve their business and make money out of this affiliate program.
Costs Involved
You could start with the trial offer of $29.97 and move on to full subscription costing $49.97 per month. Once you join, you get complete training, back office support and participation rights. The My Lead System Pro program is very suitable for people who’ve just started their business and looking for the right direction to take.

To Sum Up

In spite of several competitors who claim to have radical programs to bring in leads, many distributors prefer My Lead System Pro because of its reliability and the ease with which it helps establish their brand name. The training offered here is complete and with some effort from your side, this system’s sure to help you achieve the business goals you’ve set for yourself and much more.

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    Internet Marketing Tips Business Blog!">